Killer Lamp - Εξολοθρευτής Κουνουπιών & Εντόμων - js20667 - OEM

  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: js20667
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  • Killer Lamp - Εξολοθρευτής Κουνουπιών & Εντόμων - js20667 - OEM

  • 34,90€

Product parameters:
Product Name: electric shock mosquito killing lamp
Type of bead: LED purple light
Product color: white
Working voltage: DC 5V
Rated power: 4.5w
Power supply mode: USB charging
Product size: 85 × 85x210mm
Battery capacity: 1200mAh
Product function: night light / grey mosquito

Product features:
1. It's an anti mosquito lamp and a small night light. Equipped with small night light function, it can be used as a small night light without killing mosquitoes.
2,360 ° Electric shock to kill mosquitoes is a challenge. Three dimensional trapping technology can trap and kill mosquitoes 360 degrees a day, giving consideration to both effect and speed. Mosquito can't resist the light wave induction. Using the phototaxis of mosquito, it can send out light wave to trap mosquito in large area.Technology light trap, 365 nm lure light wave. High tech physical mosquito control, using 365 nm light wave to lure mosquitoes, mosquito control effect is significantly improved.
3. Precision high-voltage power grid can kill mosquitoes easily. High voltage power grid can kill all kinds of mosquitoes instantly.
4. To prevent electric shock, the detachable cover is designed. Carefully built safety grille, to prevent hand electric shock, protect family safety, removable cleaning more intimate.
5, wireless portable, USB charging design., It can be connected to USB interface devices such as computer and power bank, which is more convenient to carry. 1200mAh large capacity lithium battery, built-in large capacity lithium battery, get rid of the shackles of wires, travel everywhere, no limit to mosquito control.
6. The design of the hidden portable hanging ring at the bottom can be hung upside down to save space and free of occupation. Outdoor camping is more comfortable without mosquitoes. Wireless, portable dual combination, travel, camping, picnic, fishing 
can be placed everywhere, not afraid of mosquitoes.
7. Touch switch, dual mode adjustment. Long press the switch for 2 seconds to start the machine. Touch the switch to switch the mosquito control mode and night light mode freely.

Package includes:
1 * mosquito lamp + 1 * USB data cable+1*Manual

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