SL-272A Dimmable Bi color 3200K-5600K LED Studio Soft Light

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  • The SL-272A is a slim new design LED soft light,use an aluminum shell, in the guarantee of beautiful, light at the same time increase the cooling effect of products. with 136pcs 3200K and 136pcs 5600K highlighted 2835 LED lights, using a backlight technology, the distribution of science, to illuminate the light softer.Brightness can be adjusted between 0-100%, color temperature can be adjusted between 3200K to 5600K,in order to satisfy the demands of more environmental.

    Equipped with the rotation of the stent,can make the product before and after each 90' to adjust, can make the product more flexible use.High-efficiency step-drown circuit,constant current scale output pressure,make each lamp bead more pla its performance.
    Equipped with LCD display,can be intuitive to show the current brightness,color soft battery information.
    About power supply, can use V-Mount batteries, also the adapter can be used for power supply. Product is the standard F2-BP for Sony NP-F970 TURNED V booth,through transformation using one or two NP-F series battery supply to the products.

    Model SL-272A
    Maximum illuminance 1350 Lux/1m
    LED Number 136piece 3200K warm color 5600K cool color
    Color Temperature 3200K-5600K
    Rendering index CRI≥95
    Maximum power 40W
    Display Performance LCD display
    Dimming range 0-100% 
    Power Supply
    V-mount battery or 15V 3A Adapter DC stocket
    Storege temperature
    -10°C ~ 50°C
    Relative humidity 20% - 90%
    Size 428mm*42mm*433mm
    Weight 1520g
    Key Features

    Maximum power: 40W
    Maximum illuminance: 1350LUX/1M
    Scope of application: Suitable for all kinds of environment, such as Photo studio, all need fill light environment.
    360 Degree

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