X5 Vibration Electric Slimming Belt

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  • 5 Times Vibration Massage Belt
    Massage, relax and lose weight! 

    • EASY TO USE- With manual and automatic speeds, you can control the intensity of your massage with the push of a button. 
    • ASSISTS WEIGHT LOSS- The innovative weight loss feature can help you achieve your desired body shape when used alongside a balanced diet and regular exercise. 
    • RELAX- Use the belt whilst you’re at home with ease because of the unique oval swinging technology and reduce stress whilst the X5 does the work. 
    • EFFECTIVE - Using new technology, it provides you with the most effective elliptical swinging massage. 
    • COMFORTABLE- Designed with you in mind, the X5 has a simple design that sits nicely on your waist.
    • BENEFITS HEALTH- The X5 can be used to improve blood circulation, digestion, muscle fatigue and reduce lactic acid production.

    OMG TIPS: 

    • Use alongside a balanced diet and regular exercise for the best results. 
    • Charge the belt whilst you sleep for a full day of uninterrupted massage therapy. 
    • Alternate between the varieties of integrative massage programs to find your best fit. 



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    Plug- International & US

    Relax and lose weight from the comfort of your own sofa. The X5 Vibration Belt is a great new edition to your health care regime!

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